It's working!

Vernon Schryver
Tue Jan 8 17:12:34 UTC 2002

> From: Chris Shenton <chris@Shenton.Org>

> Would any of you folks who have recently achieved nirvana care to post
> some of your config files so those of us less enlightened can join
> your lofty realm? 
> I tried an older version a month ago and bounced so many friends they
> stopped talking to me. I had no idea what I was doing, despite RTFM.

Was this bounced mail private and so with small checksum counts?
By default sendmail+dccm bounces nothing that is not already bouncing
according to rules.  Only when the rejection thresholds
are set below infinity does dccm tell sendmail to bounce anything,
and then only when the senders are not listed in the whitelist. 
I'd like to hear of bugs that might cause other bouncing.

Vernon Schryver

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