It's working!

That Funky Chick
Tue Jan 8 14:52:13 UTC 2002

Woo hoo!  Just checked the rejected mail log from yesterday--DCC bounced 
about half a dozen that got through SPEWS (and I'm pretty sure that 
something from an address of "tonsofcash" is spam).

So I'm here with more questions:

Is it possible to have it give a message when it rejects mail, a la the 
Sendmail 5xx error message?

And: if you're using sendmail's "spamfriend" feature, does it skip the DCC 
check?  (I believe it would, as it does skip any RBL checks.)

COOL.  I'm a happy camper.  Not ONE piece of spam yesterday, and now I see 

"Homer, we have to do something!  Today he's drinking people's blood,
tomorrow he could be smoking!"                       -- Marge Simpson

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