clock reads impossible??

Fri Jan 4 05:41:10 UTC 2002

I have an inbound sendmail-dccm machine handling about 6000 messages/hour

A Users email machine that run's CommuniGatePro that doesn't know anything about
dcc (YET!).

The dccd database is running on a separate machine that is doing nothing else.

I am setting up an outbound sendmail-dccm machine. Some spammers seem to
want to try coming in the outbound machine and I can monitor users that
might try spamming others with it. 

My problem is that as long as the CommuniGatePro machine isn't sending
outbound email to the outbound machine everything works fine. (very low
loads) When I activate the outbound messages from CommuniGate the outbound 
logging services quickly shows the following message:

Jan  3 19:14:59 mailhost0 dccm[1179]: clock reads impossible -12171512
Jan  3 19:16:05 mailhost0 dccm[1229]: clock reads impossible -10038471
Jan  3 19:16:16 mailhost0 dccm[1233]: clock reads impossible -1548276
Jan  3 19:16:20 mailhost0 dccm[1247]: clock reads impossible -10274395
Jan  3 19:16:48 mailhost0 dccm[1270]: clock reads impossible -5320351
Jan  3 19:16:58 mailhost0 dccm[1291]: clock reads impossible -10567373
Jan  3 19:18:03 mailhost0 dccm[1348]: clock reads impossible -3456553

cdcc info reports:

# 01/03/02 22:25:30 MST  /var/dcc/map
# Will re-resolve names after 23:18:44
#  641.58 ms chosen delay  1 total addresses  1 working
IPv6 off,-             32XXX XXXXXXX
# *,6277     DCC.TRIB.COM                 TRIB server-ID XXXXX
#     100% of 32 requests ok   70.75 ms RTT              6 ms queue wait
(numbers and password replaced with 'X's)

The process table shows dozens of dccm processes. The number of outgoing 
messages should have been a few hundred/hour, nothing compared to the other

Anybody have any ideas as to what's up?

Larry Ash
Systems Administrator

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