Using DCC in an enterprise

Michael Ghens
Fri Jan 4 04:11:39 UTC 2002

> Are there any ideas on how one would implement DCC in an enterprise
> environment?  Is anybody else doing it?

I had before used junkfulter and procmail and added a X-SPAM header. Think 
lowest common denominator. That is unfortunately the typical user. 

My day job (sleep, what is sleep?) I have implemented DCC, RBL+ and
html-trap.procmail by John Harding
( on a linux box
null client that is outside of the firewall. I have about 1200 users.

The good part of using an outside null client mx server is that internal 
mail is not affected And, I did not have to set this up and maintain it on 
10+ sites world wide.

> 1)  How to deal with individual whitelists in a pure sendmail/dccm environment, with the ability of users to modify their own.  These are non-technical types so it would have to be easy to do (perhaps Web based).

Policy. I had set the junk threshold high, combined with RBL+ (I use on sites that cannot afford RBL. I think Orbz does an
excellent job, just that in a corporate environment, it is easier to
defend MAPS to the users since it is the grand daddy of dnsblacklists),
junk mail almost completely disappeared. It was easier to state this was
company policy. For those who were insistant on getting all e-mail, I 
impliemented the spamfriends feature of sendmail.

If e-mail is blocked by the dns blacklist, we told our people that it was 
senders problem and easily fixed.

On the DCC side. It ether caught it by the count metrics. Also, if a mail 
was dns blacklisted, DCC caught junk mailers doing end arounds. I only had 
one problem with DCC. A group of engineers received the same e-mail that 
was sent individually on a daily bases. Although the mail was slightly 
different each day, the fuz1 caught it.

Lastly, depending on your org, sometimes it is best not to make a fuss 
about it. So far in the last 3 months of use, the amount of complaints 
that mail got blocked is no where near the complaints that we used to get 
from junk mail. We even had a few user willing to run it up the flag poll 
to see who would salute.

Hope this helps.

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