Using DCC in an enterprise

Mark Motley
Fri Jan 4 01:25:03 UTC 2002

Are there any ideas on how one would implement DCC in an enterprise environment?  Is anybody else doing it?

We're talking 8,000+ email users and about 6,000 Internet email messages per hour.  In this case, procmail is out of the question as Exchange is used as the email infrastructure.  DCCM can be used as sendmail is on the email bastion host and receives and ultimately sends all Internet-bound email.  Luckily my group controls the sendmail configs so adding libmilter & dccm is possible (and now that I've done it, rather easy).

Some of the concerns I have:

1)  How to deal with individual whitelists in a pure sendmail/dccm environment, with the ability of users to modify their own.  These are non-technical types so it would have to be easy to do (perhaps Web based).

2)  I know I can use the -W command on dccm to whitelist recipients by default, at which point users would have the choice of "turning on" spam control.  I'm still not 100% clear on this command as the description is rather obtuse...  I assume the users who wanted spam control would be added to the whitelist as "ok2", is this correct?

Any ideas or suggestions would be great.  Our users are beginning to clamor for spam control, so it's something that we're beginning to look at.


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