additional servers

Vernon Schryver
Tue Dec 4 02:38:14 UTC 2001

Would any of those running DCC servers be interested in having listing
them in or as
additional DNS A records for

More people than I expected are using the DCC server at
Neither the bandwidth nor the CPU cycles needed for that are in the
least noticeable, but the reliability of their anonymous DCC clients
in the face of network problems or my testing of new versions of the
server code would be better if there were backup servers.

If the IP addresses of additional servers were listed as A records
for, then it would not be obvious that you are
providing public DCC services and the right thing would happen
automagically for the anonymous clients.  The client code picks
the quickest working server among all of the IP addresses it knows.

Separately, I think anyone running a DCC server but not exchanging
or "flooding" DCC checksums with mine is missing a lot of good
(i.e. bad) checksums.  A checksum clearinghouse works better as
more mailboxes contribute their target counts.

Vernon Schryver

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