Email from whitelisted sender still getting marked as "spam"

Mediratta, Bharat
Fri Nov 9 23:42:39 UTC 2001

I received an email recently that was an evite to a large
event.  It's been sent to a ton of people, I'm sure.  The
sender is on my white list.  But it still shows up as spam
when I run DCC on it.  My question is, do I have DCC 
misconfigured?  What I'm looking for is a series of steps
that I can take to make sure that my configurations is

Background info.  The sender's email address looks like
this (I changed the alpha characters, but everything else
is the same)

My whiteclnt file says:

	include /home/bharat/projects/DeepSix/private/whitelist

My whitelist file is at the above location and it says
(among other things):

	ok      env-from

When I run DCC on the message it says (this output is taken
from my DeepSix log file, which is an app that runs messages
through DCC for me):

<Mr Foo <>> "Steve & Maria's Houseboaters' Bash/FDNY Fund

Filter: Asking Menalto DCC
DCC server says: 1003; From=3
DCC server says:    Message-ID=many Received=3 Body=3 Fuz1=3
DCC server says:       From: 02b577ee 4402dd07 b73d54d0 26174d4c
DCC server says:    Subject: a9af5253 2feea31a 8141c539 83853cba
DCC server says: Message-ID: d41d8cd9 8f00b204 e9800998 ecf8427e
DCC server says:   Received: a9293c78 ef7e3e87 3d0a1e9b d8d32a70
DCC server says:       Body: 8dbc3a5e d409b86e 00fc23ec 41b5fa4b
DCC server says:       Fuz1: c07dcc72 4120bdcb ee5c04f9 d751b5ba
DCC Metrics: 1003; From=3
Subject=3  Message-ID=many Received=3 Body=3 Fuz1=3

Any insights?  Thanks.

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