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Vernon Schryver vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com
Wed Nov 7 07:05:53 UTC 2001

> From: Michael Ghens <michael@spconnect.com>

> Got sendmail/milter/dcc going. I tryed the dccdnsbl feature. This error 
> messages started to show up.
> Nov  6 17:09:42 mx1 sendmail[28800]: fA719f428800: SYSERR(root): rewrite: 
> map storage not found

I think that results from my incomplete switching version 1.0.22 to
use the "macro" map that is now defined by default in the sendmail
8.12 .cf file from the "storage" map that a previous version of the
Operations Guide suggested defining and that cf/README still suggests.
I evidently fixed the hackmc script but not this .m4 file.

If you are using sendmail 8.12, a fix is to replace the string
"storage" with "macro" in the dccdnsbl.m4 file, changing:

R<?>$+		$@ $(storage {dcc_isspam} $@ _DCCDNSBL_MSG_ $) REJECT


R<?>$+		$@ $(macro {dcc_isspam} $@ _DCCDNSBL_MSG_ $) REJECT

If you are not using sendmail 8.12, then it would probably be best to
use these lines from version 1.0.21:

define(_DCCDNSBL_DEF_, 1)dnl
`# define macros map to communicate DNS black list results to DCC via dccm'
Kstorage macro')

> Straight feature(dcc) seems to work.
> Also, on the dccdnsbl, this line:
> ifdef(`_DCCDNSBL_DEF_',`dnl',`dnl
> define(_DCCDNSBL_DEF_, 1))
> seems to break m4.
> I may be wrong (can't find my bat book), but I tried
> ifdef(`_DCCDNSBL_DEF_',`dnl',`dnl'
> define(_DCCDNSBL_DEF_, 1))

That may work, but I think it would be better to do as I'll do for
the next version and simply remove those two useless lines.  I don't 
know what I was thinking of when I removed the reason for that
do-it-once switch without removing the switch.

Should I add autoconf fumdediddle to automagically modify the dccdnsbl.m4
depending on whether sendmail 8.12 is installed and so define the
"macro" map?  I'd hate to.

Vernon Schryver    vjs@rhyolite.com

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