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Michael Ghens michael@spconnect.com
Wed Nov 7 05:30:06 UTC 2001

Got sendmail/milter/dcc going. I tryed the dccdnsbl feature. This error 
messages started to show up.

Nov  6 17:09:42 mx1 sendmail[28800]: fA719f428800: SYSERR(root): rewrite: 
map storage not found

Straight feature(dcc) seems to work.

Also, on the dccdnsbl, this line:

define(_DCCDNSBL_DEF_, 1))

seems to break m4.

I may be wrong (can't find my bat book), but I tried

define(_DCCDNSBL_DEF_, 1))

as the fix.

Using dccd/dccm 1.0.35

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