Sam Leffler
Sun Oct 28 19:46:36 UTC 2001

I'm running dccm+dccd 1.0.34.  I'm just starting up and want to monitor the
software carefully before applying reject actions and the like.  I've got
dccm running with -a IGNORE so no messages are rejected and then using
procmail to segregate "bad mail".

1. I want dccm to log a summary message for every piece of mail it
processes.  This summary should tell me the X-DCC header or similar. Is
there a -d value that's appropriate or some other way to get this?
2. I want to verify my whitelists have proper coverage.  Incoming mail from
some mailing lists that should be covered by my whitelists are tagged with
X-DCC headers by dccm.  Does this mean their checksums are also being fed
back into the database that's flooded to my neighbors?  How do I log enough
info to tell whether I'm not polluting the checksum database with mail
that's ok?

And also I'm wondering:

3. If a user explicitly marks a message as "bulk" with dccproc it seems this
can cause other sites to reject mail that might be ok. The whitelists
presumably help avoid this but this always work?  What's to keep one
individual from maliciously or accidentially bouncing mail to other users.
I see only trust in this system; no authentication or control mechanisms
(e.g. I see no way to invalidate a checksum once it's been entered).
4. How do people manually mark mail as bulk?  Does everyone currently use
dccproc from the command line or are there easy ways to add a button to the
most popular GUI MUAs?  Has anyone looked at adding to IMAP or POP protocols
since this would have to happen on a server machine?


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