Oct 24 20:01:04 gemini graceful stop

Levent Serinol lserinol@yahoo.com
Wed Oct 24 17:36:23 UTC 2001

When I had about 600 concurreny  dccproc applications
started to report that "dccd server is not responding"
for a while later I've got following error 

Oct 24 20:01:04 gemini dccd[10217]: [ID 802041
mail.error] graceful stop

and my machine crashed :-(

without running dccd (using dccproc and letting it to
report not responding errors) machine can handle 700

I think graceful stop caused by flooding limit ? 

Which parameters do I have to check on machine and
dccd ?

Best Regards,

Levent Serinol
ICQ#  : 9792343

#exclude <windows.h>
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