25% spam hit rates

Mediratta, Bharat bharat@fusionone.com
Wed Sep 5 19:22:40 UTC 2001

>    1056 reports    0>10        0>100      0>1000    39 many
>        answers   385>10      107>100      0>1000   102 many   

> That says that in the 10.5 hours starting from 9:30 am until 
> about 8 pm, my server has received 1056 reports of the checksums of 
> messages.  Of those, 385 or 36% look like spam because they have 
> addressee counts above 10.  (10 is a reasonable threshold for my vanity 
> domain, and for the other clients of my DCC server, all of which seem 
> similar.)  Assuming that a substantial fraction of the remaing 64% were 
> not spam implies a much better than 25% effectiveness against the spam 
> seen around here.

So this means that 385 of the messages had at least one metric that
was greater than 10?  After reading the dcc man page (at the end of 
the "Client Tools" section), I set my criteria for determining spam 
to be if one of Message-ID, Received, Body or Fuz1 had a count greater 
than 10.  

So, is there any way of telling how many of those 385 hits included
those 4 criteria?  

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