FYI: DeepSix released

Mediratta, Bharat
Wed Sep 5 10:14:45 UTC 2001

I've released an early version of DeepSix, my client-side anti-spam 
script that uses DCC as a filter.  You can find it at:

Currently it's got support for IMAP clients, and the DCC and
Razor filters.  It's probably of no use to anybody who's getting
their mail on a Unix box where they can interpose DCC directly;
it's mainly of use for those whose mail goes directly to a remote
server (like a corporate Exchange server) which has little or
no spam filtering.  

In case you were not aware, Vipul's Razor is very similar to DCC 
although it appears to be much more simplistic.  Thus far it's
had much lower hit rates than DCC in my limited tests.  Check it 
out at:


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