DCC -- how do I effectively use it?

Mediratta, Bharat bharat@fusionone.com
Mon Sep 3 19:58:45 UTC 2001

> >                                        ...   A binary distribution
> > with a configuration wizard would greatly ease the pain.
> Binary for how many versions of how many platforms?  
> In other words, if you need a binary for one of more than half-dozen
> targets I current build for, then I can help, but probably 
> not otherwise.

What I'm envisioning is an installer for Win32 that puts 
the minimum set of Win32 binaries on your machine as well as a
really simple plugin for Outlook that can be configured
to run whenever new mail arrives and move spam into a
specified folder.  I suggest Outlook because it's popular
and I use it.

I've used a couple of plugins like this in the past.  I don't
know how difficult it is to write them, but I do know that you
can write them in Visual Basic (so how hard can it be?  <grin>)

Here are some references:

I'm not saying that you should run out and write this, I'm just
brainstorming ways to easily build the user base.

> Some people think that sending both plaintext and HTML 
> encoded versions of a single message is not good.

I apologize.  Our corporate Exchange server has a bug that ignores
my plain text preferences.  I've sent them instructions on how to fix 
it, but they have to schedule downtime etc so it'll take a little 
while.  :-(


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