DCC -- how do I effectively use it?

Mediratta, Bharat bharat@fusionone.com
Mon Sep 3 08:59:52 UTC 2001

> From: Brian J. Murrell [mailto:dcc-list@interlinx.bc.ca]
> On Sun, Sep 02, 2001 at 04:38:47PM -0700, Mediratta, Bharat wrote:
> > 
> > Howdy.  I'm working on a personal anti-spam project that I'd like
> > to eventually distribute freely (probably under GPL).  It is a 
> > thin IMAP client that can monitor a mailbox, detect any new
> > spam and move it to a separate spam mailbox.
> Interesting.

I know what you're thinking -- why would I implement this as an
IMAP client instead of interposing DCC on the server?  My problem
is that the server is a corporate Exchange server that has very
little in the way of spam blocking and is not under my control.
My guess is that this is a pretty common situation in the corporate


> Critical mass is not there yet.  Be patient.  Spread the word.  The
> more users DCC has the more effective it's going to be.

That makes sense.  From a total newcomers perspective I think that
DCC is totally cool, but in order to get critical mass it really
needs to be more accessible.  The learning curve is steep.  The 
documentation is copious and available, but you have to wade through
a lot of it to set up a very simple client.  A binary distribution
with a configuration wizard would greatly ease the pain.

I further think that we'd start to see some serious penetration if 
we made a plug-in for the common mail readers that people could just 
drop into their system.  Is this where the MAPS DCC pilot is heading?

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