DCC -- how do I effectively use it?

Mediratta, Bharat bharat@fusionone.com
Sun Sep 2 23:38:47 UTC 2001

Howdy.  I'm working on a personal anti-spam project that I'd like
to eventually distribute freely (probably under GPL).  It is a 
thin IMAP client that can monitor a mailbox, detect any new
spam and move it to a separate spam mailbox.  It currently uses
DCC as the arbiter for spamminess.  The code is operational and
probably worthy of being shipped as a beta.  However, it's not as 
effective as I would have hoped.

My problem is that I'm not getting very many positive hits from 
DCC.  I know that I'm connected to DCC properly because it does
identify certain spam messages correctly, but unfortunately it
misses a large percentage of them.  I ran it against a folder 
containing spam detected with spambouncer and other tools and
in some (admittedly) small trials it had about a 25% hit rate.

Perhaps I'm using DCC incorrectly?  Since I'm in development, I've 
been using dcc.rhyolite.com in anonymous mode.  I hope that I'm not 
imposing too much of a load there.  My script calls dccproc, passes 
in the message and parses the results.  Most of my results indicate
that DCC has never seen the message before (ie, I get counts of
1 for all of the metrics).

Any ideas?  I've been using DCC for about 3 hours now so any/all
suggestions are welcome.  If you're interested in my script, I
can make it available.

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