version 1.0.20 of the DCC source

Vernon Schryver
Thu Aug 2 22:12:30 UTC 2001

I've put version 1.0.20 of the DCC source in the usual places.

The most important change is support for Solaris.  However, that
involved so many changes that other things might be broken.
It did involve discovering a byte-order mistake of mine that
required a protocol-turn for the DCC server-to-server checksum
flooding protocol.  The new version of the DCC server understands
the old version of the protocol on incoming connections, but must
be told to use "version4" on outgoing connections to old DCC servers
of version 1.0.19 and before.

The CHANGES file starts with:

    support for Solaris
    describe ways to connect spam traps to the DCC in INSTALL.html
    move parameters from start-dccd, start-dccm, and cron-dccd to a common file
    add misc/rcDCC start-up script for Solaris and Linux
    fix byte-order bug in flood header server ID which requires changing
	the flood protocol.  To flood to version 1.0.19 or older versions
	of dccd, specifiy version 4 in the flod file line.
    removed locking file /var/dcc/map.lock
    change handling of spam sent simultaneously to white-listed and unlisted
	targets.  See the discussion of the new "REJECT_ONLY" action in the
	dccm man page.

Vernon Schryver

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