Maintaining a whitelist

Gustav Foseid
Mon Jul 23 15:25:28 UTC 2001

Vernon Schryver:
> > I am interested as soon as I get my system out of testing. But before that
> > is going to happen, I am going to have a life and have couple og weeks of
> > vacation :-)
> It wouldn't be sane to delay a vacation or not live a life just to deal
> with spam, but in my book, "testing" is as close to real life as possible.
> If you don't have an incoming feed of checksums, and if that's how you
> intended to run it, then I don't see how whatever is happening now is
> testing.  Maybe "preliminary smoke testing," but not "testing."

First of all, my clients do still not use DCC for actual filtering of
e-mail. In my book that goes as testing. And I have not found a way to
build a whitelist.

> Note that there are good. although less common reasons to run an
> isolated DCC server that neither sends nor receives flooded reports,
> as well as cases where only output or only input flooding makes sense.

I have a spamtrap that I could flood to others now.

Gustav Foseid, Initio IT-løsninger AS

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