Maintaining a whitelist

Vernon Schryver
Mon Jul 23 15:16:35 UTC 2001

> From: Gustav Foseid <>

> > Once again, I'd be happy to flood reports from my DCC server.
> I am interested as soon as I get my system out of testing. But before that
> is going to happen, I am going to have a life and have couple og weeks of
> vacation :-)

It wouldn't be sane to delay a vacation or not live a life just to deal
with spam, but in my book, "testing" is as close to real life as possible.
If you don't have an incoming feed of checksums, and if that's how you
intended to run it, then I don't see how whatever is happening now is
testing.  Maybe "preliminary smoke testing," but not "testing."

Note that there are good. although less common reasons to run an
isolated DCC server that neither sends nor receives flooded reports,
as well as cases where only output or only input flooding makes sense.

Vernon Schryver

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