version 1.0.19 of the DCC source

Vernon Schryver
Wed Jul 18 17:08:31 UTC 2001

I've put the verison 1.0.19 DCC source in

Unless you are trying to make it work on NetBSD, the changes are probably
not earth shaking.

    improve `cdcc stats` flood formatting
    fix `cdcc "host; stats all"`
    change dccproc to use the value of the Return-Path: header for the
        envelope-From checksum if the header is present and -f is not used.
    fix `dbclean -S -N` when the whitelist is empty
    add rough support for NetBSD.
    mention dccd in the INSTALL file.
    fix for parsing "-L error,LOCAL1.ERR" from Vincent Schonau

Vernon Schryver

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