Problem creating database

Gustav Foseid
Mon Jul 16 09:04:38 UTC 2001

Vernon Schryver:
> I fiddled around a little trying to reproduce the problem and found
> I could if I created an empty /var/dcc/whitelist with `touch`.
> Is there any chance that your whitelist is an empty file?

Yes, it was. When I used whitecommon it worked.

> If so, it is unlikely that you really want an empty whitelist.
> Most people probably want at least their own IP addresses in their
> whitelists.  Most probably want the contents of the sample
> files homedir/whitelist and the included homedir/whitecommon.

For testing purposes I wanted a blank whitelist.

> Of course, it is a bug that an empty whitelist file doesn't work.
> If I've guessed wrong about the trigger for the bug, please let me know.

You were right :-)

Gustav Foseid, Initio IT-løsninger AS

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