Problem creating database

Vernon Schryver
Mon Jul 16 07:49:58 UTC 2001

> From: Gustav Foseid <>

> I have a problem creating a dcc database for a server running og Linux
> (Debian) i get the following error:
>  # /var/dcc/libexec/dbclean -N -S
>  1.0.18 clearing database /var/dcc/dcc_db
>  invalid database address 0
>  could not start database /var/dcc/dcc_db-new
> Am I doing something wrong, or is this a Debian problem?

I fiddled around a little trying to reproduce the problem and found
I could if I created an empty /var/dcc/whitelist with `touch`.

Is there any chance that your whitelist is an empty file?
If so, it is unlikely that you really want an empty whitelist.
Most people probably want at least their own IP addresses in their
whitelists.  Most probably want the contents of the sample
files homedir/whitelist and the included homedir/whitecommon.

Of course, it is a bug that an empty whitelist file doesn't work.

If I've guessed wrong about the trigger for the bug, please let me know.

Vernon Schryver

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