dccproc -t many?

Brian J. Murrell dcc-list@interlinx.bc.ca
Mon Jul 16 04:52:00 UTC 2001

If I have a piece of spam in my mailbox and I know it was not
targetted at me, should I do a "dccproc -t many" on it to tell the DCC
server(s) that this is definately spam?  i.e. as a community service
to other users of the DCC server.

Even if I don't know for sure that there were any other recipients
(as a single user, I can't know for absolutely sure that there were
"many" recipients) should I still?

Does the fact that the spam was already queried/submitted to the DCC
server change that in any way?  i.e. doe a query for an e-mail using
"dccproc" followed by an "assertion" (using dccproc -t many) that it
was spam skew/screw the database in any way?


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