Any DCC servers available?

Vernon Schryver
Mon Jul 16 04:03:34 UTC 2001

I forgot to welcome anyone who wants to contact me to exchange server
IDs and passwords.  It's easiest if servers have unique IDs, but there
is an ID translating mechanism in the inter-server flooding that is
intended to cope with duplicates by transalting.

I'm also perfectly willing to set up a real client ID and password
for anyone who really wants to use my server directly instead indirectly
through flooding to their own server.  If you have a shell account it
might be hard to get a server going compared to using a .forward file
with dccproc and procmail.

Testing is easiest done with the anonymous ID, but note the default
2 second value of -u for dccd.  That feature is to help an outfit like
MAPS provide free DCC service to individuals but strongly encourage
large outfits to sign up for a real ID.  An individual user is unlikely
to notice even a 10 second delay, but a big ISP could not tolerate
slowing down a 1,000,000 messages/day mail server by that much.

Vernon Schryver

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