Any DCC servers available?

Vernon Schryver
Mon Jul 16 03:19:23 UTC 2001

> To:
> Subject: Any DCC servers available?
> From: "Brian J. Murrell" <>

> I want to test DCC on a whole mailbox of spam I have here but no
> server to test against.  I could set one up here but for my little
> single domain, heck single recipient domain I am not going to see
> much.  :-)
> Does anyone have a DCC server with a decent number of submitters yet?

You may point a client at the server at, but for
more reliability and less network traffic, it would be better to
run your own server.

One of the features of the servers is that they flood reports of
checksums of bulk mail among each other.  When a flooding connection
is created from one server to another, all bulk reports in the
first server's database are sent to the second server.

To point a client at a server, use "add host" in the `cdcc` program.
An anonymous client does not need a password and should use the 
anonymous client-ID 1.

Vernon Schryver

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