Getting started with a bigger dcc installation

Georg Graf
Mon Aug 1 13:52:28 UTC 2005

Hi out there. As I am planning to set up dccd and dccm for's campus email, I'd like to say hello to you all,
especially the admins of dcc* Please may I start
out with some questions I have.

-) Can I (please) get a non-anonymous client-id for the
dcc* I already see thay my dccm sometimes runs
into the rate limits for anonymous and then switches to another
server. I do plan to get dccd running here on a rather fast
machine, but this will take some time, so this would be only for
the next few weeks.

-) When my dccd is running, I will need ids for communicating
with my flood peers. Where/how do I get them?

-) Since this will be recent hardware and this is a university
campus lan, I'd like to offer some cpu cycles to the public.
Since the features of this software dont seem so trivial to me,
I'd really appreciate some sample config files / command line
switches from you, people who run dccd successfully for some

Thank you for your help and for this powerful anti-spam weapon!


  Georg Graf

Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration
Central and Internet Services Section
Center for Computer Services
UNIX Server Administration
PGP/GPG Key ID: 0xa5232ad5
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