the DCC Reputation database about a name or address

The DCC Reputation database has reports of 0 mail messages in the last 30 days from, of which 0 were bulk, for a DCC Reputation of unknown.

(server: 101 , checksum: 4d46b023 3a88b6c8 6408cd52 060475c6)

Unless more than a locally configured number of bulk messages have been received from an IP address, the DCC Reputation of an IP address will not be computed. Unless reinforced by more reports, small reputations expire in a day or two and bad reputations expire within a month.

This service is only for non-commercial, non-operational use, but there have been at least 1 recent queries from Commercial or operational users can send email to or use the form to obtain licenses for the commercial DCC version with support for DCC Reputations.

Contact Vernon Scrhyver of Rhyolite Software, LLC at or use the form

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