group #412 of related unwelcome domains

The following domain names have appeared at one time or another to be related by owner, URLs advertised in unsolicited bulk mail (spam), service providers, or other characteristics. In fact they might not be related by more than being listed in the Rhyolite Software, LLC list of unwelcome domain names.

See also this objection to entries in the Rhyolite Software list of unwelcome domain names.  Michael Perone  Michael Perone

Before questioning or disputing an entry in this list, please consider these previous questions and answers. Also check for public records of evidence in the Google archives. This list is not recommended for use elsewhere Consider instead DCC and DCC Reputations. This list is not a DNS blacklist (DNSBL). Its is published only to suggest that other arrangements be made for legitmate mail sent from these domains.

There are only three reasons for removing an entry this from list:

  1. a significant mistake among the reasons for adding the entry,
  2. a need among local users to receive mail from a listed domain,
  3. believable information that a listed domain name has changed hands (as opposed to ever popular intelligence insulting lies).

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