Rhyolite Software Abuse Defenses

It is a waste of time to send mail to any rhyolite.com address from unwelcome domain names, or listed free mail providers. Mail from listed domain names mail may appear to be accepted by the MX or mail server for rhyolite.com, but is discarded after being logged and reported to the DCC as with a count of MANY. It probably will not be seen by a person.


The DCC or Distributed Checksum Clearinghouses is a system of clients and servers that collect and count checksums related to mail messages. The counts can be used by SMTP servers and mail user agents to detect and reject or filter unsolicited bulk mail.

The primary and authoritative repository of DCC source and documentation is nearby. There is also a faster mirror. The commercial version, DCC Reputations, is distinct.


Two of the DCC clients support greylist spam filtering.

Free Mail Providers

Mail messages from domains on a list of free providers are rejected at rhyolite.com, because of spam from them.

Mail Delivery Trackers and Free Web Page Providers

Mail messages containing URLs referring to domain names on a list of mail delivery trackers and free web page providers are rejected for most mailboxes at rhyolite.com. Mail delivery tracking violates the privacy of recipients. Free web pages are frequently used by the worst unsolicited bulk email advertisers.

Unwelcome Domains

Mail from domains on list of unwelcome domains is rejected because unsolicited bulk mail or other objectionable mail from, mentioning, or otherwise apparently associated with them has been seen at rhyolite.com.

Objections, Complaints, Questions Rhyolite Software blacklists

Please see this list of objections and answers before complaining about the blacklists in use at Rhyolite Software, LLC.

You Might Be An Anti-Spam Kook If...

If you are one of the many people who recently discovered the Final Ultimate Solution to the Spam Problem (FUSSP), beware of the warning signs of having gone off the deep end.

Spam Is That Which We Don't Do

Your unsolicited bulk email is not spam, because of one or more of the reasons on this list.

Bad Bots

This is a list of unwelcome spiders. The IP addresses of HTTP clients using these HTTP User Agent strings are automatically added to a firewall when they request any page other than the local robots.txt file and a few other files.

Contact Vernon Scrhyver at vjs@rhyolite.com or use the form.

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